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Grand River Academy believes that any student can thrive in the right environment, and we strive to create a campus that encourages students to find learning strategies that work for them and connect with course material in a meaningful way. We have numerous ways of motivating students who are underachieving and need assistance to overcome academic motivation concerns at our all-boys boarding school.

Safe, Structured Environment

For any student to fully engage in class, he has to live in a safe, stable environment. If problems are too big at home, school may not have much meaning.

Grand River makes student safety a priority while also providing many productive ways for students to spend their time outside of class through extracurricular activities.

Social Support

Living among their peers and surrounded by educational role models, students at Grand River Academy are placed in a social circle that inherently values and supports their educational pursuits. Teach the Individual – In our small classes, teachers are able to get to know students very well, becoming familiar with each individual’s personality, interests, and learning strategies. All students are different, so it’s important that our teachers understand how each student best learns course material and is able to connect to students on a personal level. Teachers aren’t just lecturers, they’re role models.

Active Learning & Participation

Students learn best when they are involved in the learning process. This can take form in different ways: interacting with models, pursuing independent research, engaging in classroom debates and discussions, etc. Allowing students to engage with course content in ways that best suits their learning strategies is fundamental in encouraging interest in the class.

Strong Teaching Staff

Part of a student’s confidence in the course material comes directly from confidence in the teacher. Teachers need to demonstrate that they are competent in their area of study to prove that they are a reliable source of information. We make sure that our teachers are both highly skilled educators and deeply knowledgeable in their fields so our students have the best opportunity to learn.

High Classroom Expectations

From the first day in class at Grand River Academy, it is very clear what a teacher expects from each young man in terms of behavior and performance. In turn, students see themselves as more capable of handling assignments, encouraging them to work hard on projects and classwork.

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